The Sacred Union

Also known as Mayday, this Sabbat is a time of Sacred Fertility. The Goddess and the Green Man perform the Great Rite, sacred sexuality, in order to make the land lush and green. Because Maypoles are phallic symbols they are erected and danced around to celebrate the masculine aspect of this Sabbat. Many Pagans today also use a cauldron in their Maypole celebrations in order to symbolize the womb of the Goddess.

In some traditions this is the time when the Oak King mates with the Goddess, is sacrificed and then reborn. The Sun God is nearing His zenith as the days get longer.

On Mayday we celebrate the Great Union of the Gods in order to reproduce and replenish the Earth. To bring Life to it after the cold Winter. It is a time for Love, Sex and Merriment. All positive aspects of growth and reproduction are celebrated. Births, Marriages, Initiations, Unions, etc. are all very common at this time. It is truly a period of great celebration, for it marks the coming of warmer days and greener fields. A time of sweet memories and blessed unions.

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