The Vernal Equinox

The Spring Equinox brings a time of balance. The Sun God has overtaken the darkness and day and night are of equal lengths. The Goddess, our Earth Mother, awakens from Her long slumber to replenish the Earth. We see new Life rising from the cold ground.

The Horned God has grown weak from the Winter and at this time dies in order to return to the healing Earth. From His "death", He is reborn as the Green Man. He has shed his antlers and fur for green leaves and vines. He is young still, but as the days grow longer he gains strength. He is a God of fertility, to aid our Goddess in the growing of our fields and livestock.

Many Pagan customs from this Sabbat continue to this day. For instance, the Easter Egg is a common Pagan custom. Eggs have always been a symbol of fertility and thus used as a symbol for this holiday. They were traditionally painted red or scarlet to symbolize the Suns rays in hopes that the rays of the Sun would warm the Egg and from it would spring Life. Easter is celebrated around this time because it has always been, in older traditional religions, the time of the willing sacrifice and rebirth of the God. Therefore it was only logical to place the sacrifice and rebirth of Jesus around this time.

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